First Responders Receive Autism Sensory Kits

HORSHAM, PA — Various first responders in Horsham Township and beyond will now be equipped with sensory kits designed to help emergency response personnel in their interactions with individuals in the community who have autism. Read the details reported by Hatboro Horsham Patch here.

I applaud this. With each passing day, our tribe is kicking open the autistic door just a little bit more. We are doing it in baby steps. We are finding our voice and we don’t ask anymore, because it falls on deaf and indifferent ears. We need to shake the tree and we do that by yelling, being aggressive, threatening, demanding, taking action, advocating, and education. Autism has taken a page out of prior groups of people, who have been abused and denied, like women’s rights, the black community, the LGBTH+ community, people with disabilities to name a few. We all have something in common…..the law is on our side. Of course, the law is not always justice, but through diligence, patience, and commitment, we are gaining our rights and freedom. Forget awareness, we are demanding acceptance. We want a fair playing field, nothing more, nothing less. I love and believe in my autistic brothers and sisters. Most neurotypicals don’t have a clue, but they will adapt to us, just like our tribe has adapted and adjusted to their neurotypical world. We are coming…hell, we have already been here for 40,000 to 80,000 years. Neurotypicals have been reaping the rewards of our efforts, but just don’t know it yet…you’re welcome.