“Nobody likes a bad cop more than a good cop”.

This police officer’s simple explanation, accompanied with his honest and common-sense opinion, helps restore some of my lost faith back into trusting law enforcement again.The trouble is…what’s the chance of this officer responding to my call as opposed to some unempathetic hard-nosed cop or a young inexperienced rookie with a trigger finger?

When l listen to this police officer talk, it reminds me that there are police officers, who are out there everyday trying to do their job correctly. If my wife and l called the police to assist us with our son’s meltdown, l would feel safe enough to allow this police officer to enter my house.This police officer speaks from experience and expresses sound advice, while showing an empathetic quality, but he is frustrated with his own people.


When a cop abuses his or her position or their actions lack a thinking process, its officers like him, who receive unfair criticism that’s directed towards all of law enforcement.That’s frustrating for anyone on the job. We need more officers with his understanding and communication skills, but where are they and how do we create more of them? The answer starts with education. To the police officer who expressed and shared his opinion on video… I thank you and autism thanks you for having the courage to speak your mind.