What’s In A Name?

I know that in society today, we often strive to be politically correct, but I want to make a comment on how someone addresses, “a person with autism.” This phrase is fine and politically correct, but as a person with autism, you can call me autistic, an autist, aspi (short for Aspergers) or the autistic guy. It does not really matter to me. These terms are fine, because you are talking or inquiring about autism. Using standard terminology, or the slang that we autistics use, is acceptable to me. If it furthers your knowledge about autism and gets questions answered, then it’s alright by me, besides “a person with autism,” sounds so official and stiff. Using other identifiers are acceptable, not disrespectful. This is my opinion. Everybody has a different viewpoint. Autistics are no different. It may be awkward to address someone with autism if you are not familiar with this disorder. Educate yourself and simply use your best judgement in approaching a person with autism. As you begin to associate yourself with someone who is autistic, including their family, friends, caregivers or co-workers, you will build a rapport with them. It is no different, than anyone else you encounter in life.