Who or what is Autism’s number one threat? (My opinion only.)

Well…..bullying is in the top 5 or 6, along with its friends, suicide and drowning. How about society? In general, society is ignorant, indifferent, and unaccommodating, when it comes to autism.

Then, there are the bottom feeders like Autism Speaks, who claim to advocate for us, when in reality, they are taking advantage of parents, caregivers, and other people who want to support and advocate for autism. The parents and caregivers, who are on the front lines of autism, can experience frustration, stress, anxiety, desperation and fear for their loved ones. They are prone to being vulnerable and they want to believe in an organization, who will help advocate on their behalf.

Autism Speaks prey on people who are desperate for answers. They are con-artists, who talk a good game and spend a fortune on selling the right image to society, while taking people’s money. They rollplay the advocacy part real well, but lack transparency about their research and their true intentions, while doing it behind a faux smile.

On the surface, they advocate for autism and give the appearance of doing good things on our behalf, but underneath the surface, they are plotting to eradicate autism altogether. They like to use the word ”cure” because it is less offensive than saying eradicate, liquidate or eliminate.How dare they want to deny our autism. They call autism a disease. Who are they to make these proclamations?

Many of the people who work at Autism Speaks truly believe they are doing good work in the field of autism. They have bought into what Autism Speaks is peddling. The autistic community does not,,repeat, does not support such organizations.

Unfortunately, Autism Speaks is a money-making business and this makes them a powerful organization. They have networked with our government and other people of power and position. Yet presently, they are not the most dangerous group that threatens autism.

There is another group of people, who are more of a threat to autism, because they have the law on their side…..and this group is called law enforcement.Law enforcement, whose job is to protect and serve, is quickly becoming one of autism’s most dangerous groups of people to encounter. Parents and caregivers, beware of men and women dressed in blue. They are individuals, who carry weapons and are backed by the law. In the eyes of the court they can do no wrong and they are heavily armed.Autism is no match for these well disciplined and trained – except for people with neurological and mental issues) professionals.